Mystery Hotel Escape room on Turnkey basis riddle chain

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Mystery Hotel Escape Room

Welcome to the Heart of the Bear Hotel!
There are a lot of tangled legends and stories about what happened in the walls of our hotel. A lot of fiction, but a lot of truth in what people say. I cannot tell you for all the stories, but I know one from the lips of a witness of those events. Once upon a time a long time ago, when my great-grandfather was still a young guy, he worked at this hotel receptionist.
The owner of the hotel was very fond of traveling and always brought various souvenirs from every corner of the world he visited. Once he brought one item from America, no one saw what it was. But after that the hotel came to life, he began to live his life, very strange things began to happen, as if some evil spirit had settled in the hotel. Some of the rooms we could not open, the door seemed slammed with nails. Our guests began to see ghosts, so no one lingered for long. And what can we say with the constant confusion at the reception! All the time something disappears and then we find it in the most unexpected places. Our hotel started being called damned, people stopped coming to us because of these rumors, our hotel was empty.
You are our last hope to correct the situation, find this damn thing and save our hotel!

Genre – Mystery
Number of puzzles – 16
Including electronic – 13
Effects - 4
Number of rooms – 3
min. Area – 30-40 m2
Players – 2-7
<p><span style="font-weight: bold;">Package "Scenario"&nbsp;</span><span style="color: inherit; font-size: 20px;">Mystery Hotel ER</span></p>

Package "Scenario" Mystery Hotel ER

Price: € 1 200
The "Scenario" package includes: 

•Introductory story of the room - A brief story for immersing players in the room atmosphere, telling: who are they? What should they do? and why? Helps players to fully immerse themselves in game and motivate them. 

•Synopsis - Brief description of sory. Can be used as an advertising text. 

•Scenario - The full chain of puzzles 

•Visual chain - A look at escape room from the player's side, a schematic display of escape room 

<p><span style="font-weight: bold;">Package "Project"&nbsp;</span><span style="color: inherit; font-size: 20px;">Mystery Hotel ER</span></p>

Package "Project" Mystery Hotel ER

Price: € 4 000
The "Project" package includes: 

•The "Scenario" package 

•All the necessary drawings for the independent construction of the room (Plans for the reconstruction of premises, electrical wiring, design, drawings of non-standard devices and much more) 

•3D visualizations 

 Support during the month, gives you the opportunity to show the project to everyone who will work with it (technicians, programmers, masters, etc. and to figure out for yourself), and also to ask all questions that may arise. 

<p><span style="color: inherit; font-size: 20px; font-weight: bold;">Plug and Play Escape Room</span><span style="color: inherit; font-weight: bold;">&nbsp; -&nbsp;</span><span style="color: inherit; font-size: 20px;">Mystery Hotel</span></p>

Plug and Play Escape Room  - Mystery Hotel

Price: € 25 000

•The "Scenario" package 

•The "Project" package (Drawings necessary for preparation of premises) 

•All the necessary game modules (puzzles), decorations and items 

•Sounds and background music 

•Technical niche 

•A program for room managing on a computer phone or tablet 

•Warranty for 6 months 

•Unique rights to your city in the area of 1000 km  

Mystery Hotel Escape Room turnkey riddle
Mystery Hotel Escape Room turnkey riddle